About Us

My passion and purpose is to help people find the answers that affect their Life, Home...Heart. I am not only an Artist, but I founded “The Nest” as well which stands for Never-Failing Empowerment towards Self-Fulfillment and Truth. I lead a group of over 600 women and we support and encourage one another because I believe we all have the right and the responsibility to live our lives to our fullest potential. 

I absolutely love what I do. It took me a long time to get here. Years and decades of trying to be something...someone else. I have failed. I've made mistakes and I've taken wrong turns. Mostly because I didn't follow my instincts and negotiated what I knew with trying to please everyone else. I am multi-faceted and you probably are too. But, I kept picking myself up and eventually my purpose chose me. I love helping my clients choose what compliments their home or business as much as I love painting as much as I love championing women! And men too, I suppose.:)

My Dad was retired and I was frustrated because I didn't feel he was fulfilling his potential. He has a wonderful eye for what a space needs. He has vision, creativity,  and sees the possibilities in the ordinary. He has a talent for bringing things together and we enjoy working together.

Amanda Cermak is our Director of Sales & Marketing and she has been a wonderful addition to our team. We provide custom Artwork to Commercial Facilities, Businesses, Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices and of course Residential Homes and she is instrumental in properly reflecting the needs of others with our artwork. Please reach out to us today for your complimentary consultation!